Linthaugh Nursery School

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Our Nursery Day

When the children first come into the nursery they have a peg where they can leave their coats and change their shoes. Parents must then take them to their keyworker and sign their child into nursery. Parents must also sign their child out on the register at the end of the session.

Throughout their time in nursery the children will take part in both group and freeplay experiences indoors and outdoors. They will also have an opportunity to have snack if they wish, which is located in the Haggis Room. The nursery staff will encourage them to access a broad range of experiences and support them in their learning, in areas where they feel they would benefit.

As children take part in a range of experiences, they will access all areas of the curriculum and have responsibility of  their own learning journal. Their journal is available for them and their parents to look at and can put work from home in it aswell whenever they wish.

Twice a year we hold parent's meetings with the childrens key worker to discuss their progress. Parents/carers are also welcome to discuss their child's progress whenever they wish.