Linthaugh Nursery School

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Toy Fund

In order to provide your child with a variety of resources which is very valuable to their learning, we ask that you donate a small fee of £2 per week.

These resources include:

  • Baking ingredients
  • Playdough/malleable ingredients
  • Birthday cards and present
  • Outings within Glasgow
  • Outdoor Resources
  • Party Food
  • Christmas presents
  • Easter gift
  • Celebrations (Halloween, Chinese New Year, Diwali).


School fund donations can be paid on a weekly, monthly or termly basis to suit parents own arrangements.  Please see Brooke in the office for further details.

All monies paid into school funds are recorded, banked and audited and records are available for inspection at any time. We always welcome suggestions from parents about what toys and equipment they would like to see purchased for their children. We try to spend all monies raised while the children are attending nursery and all children receive the same regardless of level of parental contribution.