Linthaugh Nursery School

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Meet the Team

Management Team

Mrs Yvonne Crookshank

Head Teacher


Ms Mary Waters

Depute Head of Nursery

Mrs Diane Girvan Child Development Team Leader  

Child Development Officers(3-5)

Mrs Maria Cassidy

(Red Group)

Mrs Wendy Stevenson 

Job Share (support)

Miss Megan McLellan

(Purple Group)

Mrs Pauline Croll

Job Share (Yellow Group)

Mrs Christine Docherty

Job Share (Yellow Group)

Mrs Laura McIntosh

Job Share (Green Group)

Mrs Kim McPhillips

Job Share (Green Group)

Miss Vicki Craig

(Orange Group)

Ms Tricia Fox

(Grey Group)

Miss Zoe Hamilton

(White Group)


Mrs Lindsay Teague

(Blue Group)


Mr David Christie

(Lilac Group)  

Mrs Louise Burrows

(Peach Group)

Miss Brioney Pollok


Ms Annie Anwar


Mr Robert Gibson


Wee Barras  (2-3)


Miss Emma Hughes



Mrs Irene Lannigan

Bumble Bees                


Mrs Caroline Thomson


Ms Michelle Jordan



Miss Toni McMahon


Administration and Facilities

Mrs Liz Seils Clerical Support  
Mrs Shirley Morrison Catering Assistant  
Mrs Andrina Devlin Janitor  
Ms Janey Campbell Cleaner  

Support for learning staff

Miss Carla Flannery

Mrs Sandra Gallagher