Linthaugh Nursery School

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  • We have a limited amount of parking in the school grounds and this is reserved for staff, deliveries and blue badge holders.
  • We have a number of parent/carers who are blue badge holders as well as children and staff.
  • It is important that blue badge spaces are not abused and that those who need to access them are able to.
  • Blue badge holders are permitted to park in our disable spaces provided the blue badge holder is coming into the building to drop off or collect a child or to visit the nursery.
  • The blue badge must be displayed photograph side up to identify the blue badge holder.
  • If the blue badge holder remains in the car while another adult brings/collects a child from nursery then parking in the disabled bays/nursery grounds is not permitted. 


  • A recent Audit carried out by a Council Health and Safety Officer has highlighted that people are parking on the nursery’s private driveway between the main gates and the internal gates. 
  • Parking in this area is not permitted as this poses a potential risk to children’s safety and could block access to emergency vehicles and/or important deliveries. 
  • We have children with medical conditions that may require an ambulance to be called and there are regular deliveries made.
  • Parents using TAXIS to come to nursery must NOT ask the Driver to come into the school grounds.
  • Parents are also reminded that parking on the yellow zig- zag lines directly outside the main nursery gates is an offense under the road traffic act and can lead to a fine and penalty points.
  • Parking on the zig zag lines also prevents others from turning round and getting out of Brockburn Rd safely.
  • We appreciate that the parking around the immediate vicinity of the nursery is difficult and would ask all parents who drive to nursery to be considerate of our neighbours, to park in Linthaugh Rd and walk round to the nursery.
  • Children who are being driven to nursery should be dressed appropriately for the weather so that they can be dry and comfortable walking round to nursery.
  • There may be times when you find you need to park in the nursery grounds i.e. you may have a sick older/younger sibling in the car that cannot walk round with you.  In cases such as these can I ask that you call ahead to the nursery so we know to expect you and avoid any embarrassing checking.
  • The parking situation in nursery grounds will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure the health and safety of all those coming in to our building and to determine whether any further actions such as the closing of the school gates at certain times may be necessary.