Linthaugh Nursery School

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Capacity and Hours


We provide places for children age 2 to 5 years. 

The Nursery is open 8.00am to 5.30pm with the option of Term Time or 50 Weeks.

Parents/carers should note that the actual working capacity of the nursery may vary dependant on the number of children at each stage and the way in which playrooms are organised.The nursery is non-denominational and welcomes children and families from all religious and cultural backgrounds. 

All schools are partners within a learning community. 

We are a member of the multi-denominational Lourdes Learning Community.We work closely with all local schools in the area.

Nursery Session Times (3-5)

Morning Session:                               8.00am until 12.45am   

Number of Places                              up to 80

Afternoon Session:                           1.00pm until 5.30pm        

Number of Places                              up to 80


Nursery Session Times (2-3)

Morning Session:                               8.30am until 11.45am

Number of Places:                              up to 20

Afternoon Session:                             12.50pm until 4pm

Number of places:                               up to 20


For every child aged three and over and eligable two year olds, You will have the choice of either Term time or 50 weeks.

If you choose Term Time, you will be given a choice of either three full days or five am/pm sessions with one full day.

If you choose 50 week provision, you will be given the choice of either two and a half days or five am/pm sessions.